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United Telecom Helps You Make Every Dollar Count

We understands that non-profit organizations are under more pressure than ever today to make every dollar stretch. That’s why the NEWT PBX solution is designed to cut costs for you wherever possible without compromising the quality of the phone system. The NEWT phone system is designed to fit any budget, by offering the industry’s lowest long-distance rates and eliminating the cost of features like voicemail, conference bridging, and dozens more. NEWT has saved thousands for non-profit organizations while combining an award-winning support team, creating a cost-effective solution you can rely on. With NEWT you can quit spending unnecessary time with your phone system and start spending more time achieving your organization’s goals.

How A Local Not-For-Profit Saves With NEWT

Common Challenges With Not-For-Profit

  • Finding a low cost solution so that funds and donations can be re-allocated to areas in need
  • Seamlessly connect multiple locations to improve collaboration  
  • Being able to handle a large volume of incoming calls without sacrificing the personalized experience for current donors as well as potential ones
  • Receiving prompt, helpful support when needed
  • Minimizing long-distance charges