​Easy, Secure & Reliable FAX over IP – Save up to 30-50%

Fax is critical to many businesses and organizations but fax is either costly, using outdated equipment, costly analoge circuits, or very difficult to setup, manage and troubleshoot. United Telecom's - FaxSIPit Service will provide you with a reliable and cost affordable fax solution that works; wherever and whenever.

We focus on Fax so you can focus on your business.

​​Fax ATA & Fax 2 E-MAIL - Keep your fax machine and Go Virtual Too! ​​

Use your fax machine the same way you always have and in-bound faxes can go to an email address and fax.

No need for expensive equipment.

No complex installations and it’s extremely simple provisioning.
It’s a hassle-free and quick deployment.

It’s all about reliability and security. Our HTTPS ATA (Analog Telephone Adapter) converts your fax machines analog signal to HTTPS.

HTTPS is a secure reliable form of data transfer that has been used on the internet since the early nineties, allowing the fax to connect via the internet and then transmit over IP.

Savings Eliminates the need for a dedicated analogue phone line for your fax machine. Save hundreds per year!


Features Inbound faxes can be sent to either a fax machine, a dedicated email address or both.

Success and / or Failure transmission alerts can also be sent to a dedicated email address.

Ease of Use There is no retraining – you use your fax machine the same way you always have.

Installation Installation is fast and simple and there is no downtime. You can put your fax machine anywhere in the office where there is an internet connection.

Convenience With V-Fax, fax documents right from your desktop applications– it's as easy as printing.

Internet Browser Required: Windows Explorer 8 Recommended: Windows Explorer 8, Windows Explorer 9, Windows Explorer 10

PC 2 FAX / Virtual FAX​​

Send faxes directly from your desktop applications.
It's as easy as printing a document.

Setup is simple and stress free.

No need for expensive equipment and no complex installations.

Lean on the tried and true fax machine and reap the benefits of virtual faxing from a PC.

Send mission critical faxes and receive faxes as a digital PDF file.

Increase the green in your business by lowering overall paper and toner usage.

Flexibility and ease of use are what it’s all about – packaged with the same reliability and expertise that tens of thousands have already experienced.